Music, Business & Charities

The story of Vito Peleg

I started my marketing journey when I was 14 years old: exploring interesting ways to market my small town rock band’s live shows to my friends in school, who were my target audience at the time. Driven by the doubt people around me had about my ambitions and staying strong, I read every marketing book and autobiography I could find, obsessed with finding the next strategy that would make me reach my goals.

Over the years, I studied business development and consultation, while attending Music college, as well as taking various certificate courses in online marketing, affiliate programs, branding & positioning, digital consultancy, email marketing and social media management.
During these busy years, I sharpened my marketing and consulting skills helping dozens of local businesses as a freelancer.

My band evolved to release 6 albums, 2 of them worldwide. This was a huge achievement with my friends from high school; we even toured the world, playing to thousands of our fans. However, the biggest achievement was it enabling me to move to London – The City of my dreams.

Though my reason for first coming to London was to pursue a music career, I quickly found myself designing catalogues and adverts for companies like H&M and Tommy Hilfiger. I built a new client base in the city and started creating websites in various industries. This didn’t stop me from touring around the UK and Europe 4 times a year with my band, where every van, backstage bar table, or even broom cabinet, turned into my little office on the road.

When it was time to put the rock star life to rest, I was still hungry to keep helping my clients grow their businesses online. In the short span of 2 years, I have grown my digital consulting business from working by myself, to a team of 11. We help clients generate millions of pounds with our services and get nothing but 5 star reviews.

Among my client portfolio, I have a few charities in different income brackets, from £10k-£800k per month. I began recognising a pattern in their behaviour, comparing the activities of the smaller charities to the larger ones and seeing what steps the former would have to take to become the latter.


I found that the small charities operate like artists (or bands) while the big charities operate like businesses.


Artists work with

They build something for a while then HOPE this will be succesfull when presented to the public.
(Not in control)

Businesses work with

They carefully develop a plan and execute it to a tee, improving and repeating it with ever growing predictablility and intention to scale.
(In control)


This seemingly insignificant discovery is the reason why 90% of the charities are stuck or growing slowly, while other charities grow exponentially.


This led me to create the Charity Accelerator Programme. A programme based on goals that can help almost any charity reach the top 7% of all UK charities and increase their impact on their cause exponentially.

If this sounds like you, watch our free fundraising training below to learn more.