Charities Need Online Giving, Here’s Why

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It’s no secret that charities rely completely on the generosity of the public to raise funds in order to keep working on their cause! Without these donations the vast majority (if not all) would not even have the chance to exist, leaving millions of people without the aid they need. This is why having a website where people can easily donate to your cause is absolutely paramount. Without this, potential donors are forced to go looking to find out more about your charity, you don’t want this, while they search they could find another charity they feel is more worthy of their help. In this article we will be outlining some key things to take into consideration when thinking about your online presence and the impact keeping these things in mind will make to your cause.

Make it straight forward!

We’ve all been there, we find a product that we absolutely love on a website we haven’t been on before. We go to checkout and it asks us to fill out a massive form in order to create an account, go to our email to confirm said account, then enter payment details…By the time we are ready to purchase the item, we are having second thoughts! (Why do you think Amazon is so successful). This also applies to getting donations, make it as quick and painless as possible. Only require the bare minimum of information, after they’ve completed their donation, send them a follow-up to keep the dialogue going.

Having the right systems in place for continued support

Having a website that supports being able to donate monthly is a key aspect many charities forget to include. On average, a recurring donor gives 42% more in one year than donors who give one-time donations. It’s a great way to keep a donor invested in your cause, allowing you to send them regular news via email that is showing the impact their support is making, keeping a constant dialogue going. This in turn raises the awareness of your charity too, as they are more likely to tell their friends and family about your cause if they are reminded once a month about it.

Stories, Stories, Stories

One of the best ways to show what your cause is all about is stories, and this is great for increasing your digital fundraising. Telling the stories of the people you are helping, showing the impact you are truly making, will really get potential donors to consider going all the way. It’s known as social proof and this applies to any business, think of it like reviews for a product.

Stop Relying on Third Party Websites

Websites such as Just Giving and Virgin Money are great platforms if you do not have a website. If you do have a website, you should have your own systems in place to get donations: You get 100% of the money (minus maybe a small percentage for the payment gateway you are using), you are truly starting a long-standing relationship with the donor as they are giving your website their information, and they will not be distracted by other charities.  These platforms have 100,000’s of charities on them, it’s very easy for a potential donor to get lost when they are taken to these websites, and they will most likely find a charity they feel is more worthy of their donation. Keep them on your website by having a fast and easy donation process!

Maintaining A Personal Relationship

The conversation about your cause should not stop with your donor as soon as their payment has been completed. When they are going through the process, make sure to ask for their consent to receive emails from your charity. This will legally give you the right to send them updates on a regular basis. Also giving them the option to sign up to a newsletter, where you can let them know what’s been happening over the past month, maybe giving them more incentive to donate again or keep going with their monthly donation. It will also give you the opportunity to encourage them to share your news with their friends & families, truly making them feel like they are part of something big and an inspiration to their peers for being involved.
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