Fundraising lesson from a recurring water leak ? ?

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Hey there, I hope the new year is starting on a positive note!

I wanted to share an interesting fundraising lesson I thought about this morning.

On my way to the office this morning I’ve noticed a massive hole in the road. The thing is that this is the third time in the past month that the council has dug the same spot, fixed a massive water leak that was flooding the street and covered it back up.

It takes a lot of effort to dig this up every time, only to fix a single pipe that is acting out.

This got me thinking about perseverance and persistence.

So much that I decided to stop and take a picture of it so that I can put it on my inspiration wall in my office, I’ll tell you more about this wall at another time, but here’s the picture I took this morning looking energised by this realisation (other people on the street weren’t that impressed ? )

I’m sure that on the first time the workers have spent a full day cutting the road open, digging up through the mud, battling the water flooding out while fixing the pipe, covering the pit and laying out a fresh coat of tar, they thought they were done for the next year or 10 years with this problem.

But then it happened again, only a few days later and last night when I was walking back hope it happened the third time.
And with beautiful perseverance, the workers showed up overnight and dug it open once again.

I realise this is their job and they’re probably fixing stuff like this every single day.

I also thought about, how many times are they going to do the same fix before realising they need to improve their system to make sure they don’t need to come by every 3 days?

So why am I telling you this?

As fundraisers, we have it a lot easier compared to digging through mud every day, yet, many of the charities staff I speak to every day tend to easily give up after the first (or second or third) fix to a campaign that didn’t take.

We fail to see the day after we finally crack the campaign and get the ball rolling.

In our world, rarely something is working straight out the gate and we must be aware that the most sustainable evergreen campaigns take quite a bit of tweaking and “digging through the mud” to get them to work as we expect.

So, starting the 2nd week of 2019, which “holes” in your strategy have you been ignoring, or gave up on before you got them working?

Then, on the other hand, what within your digital strategy are you doing consistently that just doesn’t produce any results, yet you keep doing the same thing hoping something will change on its own?

If you feel you need a better direction with your online approach, I’ll be more than happy lending my 10+ years of experience creating digital strategies, for your charity and cause – You’d be amazed what can be done pretty quickly to put you on the right track!

Have a beautiful day for now and hoping for much fewer pits in 2019  ?

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