Google Grants for Non-Profits

How and why are Google giving us $10,000 per month to use on the biggest website in the world, yet we can’t seem to appriciate it. Join me to find out how you can leverage this amazing gift for your non-profit and cause.

Join me on the FREE training and learn how to leverage the most out of this incredible resource.

My name is Roi Vitorio Peleg, but you can call me Vito.

I am the founder of Charity Accelerator.
My team and I help small to medium charities build, prove and scale their digital strategies for individual and corporate fundraising. Recruiting new donors regularly and leveraging the power of automation to replace bodies with robots while maintaining a personal feel. 

What is a "Webinar"??
A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. It’s a virtual class room. You can join from your computer or phone (idealy, computer) and don’t need anything else other than the will to learn and grow.

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Here’s what we will cover:

  • What is a Google Grant and how you can get it

    The critiria and hurdles Google put us through to make sure it’s used as intended.

  • Why most non-profits are underutilising it.

    How YOU have the power to stop the wastage within your non-profit.

  • The iceberg effect – Our hidden process

    Including examples, tips and ideas to help you reach your fundraising targets.

  • What you can do now to start recruiting new donors

    Or new volunteers, expand your database or reach out to people that need your help.

  • Q&A - Answering all your questions

    With 10+ years in digital marketing, I will open the stage to ask any question you may have about your digital strategy and the use of Google Grants.

  • BONUS: My secret strategy to not only “drive traffic”, but to consistently expand your network, database and donors pool.