How could so many non-profits be wrong???

How could so many non-profits be wrong??

When it comes to defining your message – most, if not ALL, charities do the same thing: “We help ________ by ____________”

If we question this concept for just a couple of minutes and apply just a bit of common sense, we can easily see why this is just wrong!

It’s all about the mindset and since this concept has been repeatedly seeded in our minds for years, it’s easy to just follow the rest.

But we also know that 58% of all charities are struggling to raise money – so they obviously are not SURE about what should be done.

Now, would you follow a group of people that almost 60% of them told you themselves that they are not sure what to do?

Stop blindly following the same mistakes your colleagues have been doing for years and watch this 5-minute video to show you what I mean.

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