Instagram’s new fundraising donation sticker

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Instagram just announced that they are launching a cool little feature to allow yourself and your followers to add a Donate sticker to their stories.

After Facebook’s success with fundraising – generating more than a billion dollars for good causes since its launch in 2015, Instagram, that is owned by Facebook, are also moving into the charity space.

As of now, there isn’t an announced launch date for the new Instagram fundraising feature but if used properly, I can already see the amazing impact this little tool can bring to our sector.

With YouTube planned to join the charitable party with their own fundraising tools in the upcoming too, the opportunities are booming in the digital world for charities.

The future is now guys!

Bells and whistles coming from every direction, yet we need to remember one key principle to obtaining success online.


Instagram Fundraising

Don’t let any new shiny object distract you from your digital fundraising strategy (hopefully you have one by now).

Find the right place for each new tool.

Now, until this sticker launches – What can you do right now to start raising funds on Instagram?

I’ll give you 3 quick points that you can easily follow:

Check your profile link

I want you to go to your Instagram page right now and click the link on your profile.
That is the only link you can share with your followers (other than the “swipe up” in the stories).

So make it count!
Don’t just send people to your homepage. Create a designated page or use the landing page for your latest fundraising campaign.

Plan monthly and post daily

Once a month lay out your posts for the upcoming 30 days. Sprinkling a bit of everything so that you don’t seem too repetitive with your posts.

It will also allow you to focus on the content creation for a couple of hours and not worry about this for the rest of the month.

Set up your highlighted stories

This is a pretty cool feature.
You can create sequenced stories to a few points you’re looking to promote in the upcoming months or year and just have them sit there at the top of your profile for every follower to see.

Just don’t overdo it – Each story sequence should be between 3 to 6 stories long (up to 15 sec each).

We’ll wait for the new Donate Sticker to appear in the upcoming future and I promise to keep you posted on the best tips and uses of this new feature.

Hopefully, and more than a billion users, Instagram fundraising will the next big thing in our digital strategies.

Speak soon!

Leverage up to 40% more out of your day, every day.

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