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Using Friendly Donation Bots to Raise More Funds

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Being personal and direct in our fundraising efforts is key.

Yet, while the traditional methods teach us to approach potential supporters one at a time, it is not scalable and takes a lot of our most precious resource – our time.

There IS a place for building truly personal relationships with our supporters when it comes to major donors, recruiting trustees and applying for grants and corporate support.

But when it comes to your individual giving strategy and digital fundraising, we don’t need dozens of volunteers that are a pain to manage and train to do the right thing.

On average, 78% of your website traffic is projected to leave without taking action.

So how can we maintain the personal feel without placing bodies in front of a screen 24/7?

Chatbots are one of the latest innovations in the digital world.

They allow us to personalise the experience and create a conversation-like scenario with potential supporters, without the need to be online all the time.

I know that the word “bot” might have bad connotations. But technology evolved to a place where they can be super engaging, make things a lot easier for our potential supporters and allow us to tailor the journey based on the preferences of the supporter.

We can use them to provide value in the form of articles, ask people so subscribe to our mailing list, book meetings, answer frequenly asked questions and so on.

You are limited only by your creativity.

My favourite use – is to ask for donations to leverage more out of your website visitors.

A friendly donation bot in action… This is just a fraction of the process. You can click the image to see a demo of the entire process in action.

Imagine that every visitor on your website could have a personalised experiece based on the voice and look & feel of your charity…

I’m not sure if you’re a fan of “Black Mirror” (the TV show).

It’s a show about dystopian near future scenarios of how technology can pose a threat to our society if left unchecked and unregulated.

On the latest episode, they introduced a new concept where the person watching the episode can choose different routes for the plot.

Giving us choices in key intersections on how things will go from this point on.

Black Mirror

I remember this concept from thriller books I used to read as a kid, where I was given a choice to skip to different parts of the book to read different outcomes of the story.

Much like these books and the latest “Black Mirror” episode, the interactive bot can respond to your choices giving us multiple scenarios and outcomes based on your choices.

I created an example you can play with on the following link.

Feel free to play around and try different responses to discover the full power of this tool.

Which chatbot service should you choose?

There are countless of chat bot providers out there, but my prefered on is Quiriobot.

The interface is super easy with drag-and-drop elements, and the pricing is fairly cheap compared to other solutions out there.

If you don’t have many visitors on your website, it’ll probably be free to use – for up to 500 chats per month, which means you’ll need about 4,000 visitors on your website per month to start paying – which in that case, I’d still go for it!

You can click the image to create a free account.

That’s it for today 🙂

I hope this post help open your mind to a new revenue stream you didn’t consider and helped you see how using a small feature like this can enhance the user experience on your website and help you leverage more out of the visitors you already have.

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Leverage up to 40% more out of your day, every day.

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