Why You Should Be Excited For WordPress 5.0

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WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to arrive on November 19th. Previous big WordPress updates have always created excitement for users of the platform, this time however, a major change on how you and I will create content is coming! It’s called the Gutenberg Editor.

In this article we’re going to outline what new features are coming with WordPress 5.0, and what to expect from the brand new content editor.

Gutenberg & how will it affect you?

Gutenberg is WordPress’ version of DIY site builders like SquareSpace and Wix. Creating content with site builders is very straight forward, being all drag and drop. As opposed to the current WordPress editor, it’s clunky, requires coding knowledge to be creative and it’s really starting to show its age. The Gutenberg Editor aims to change all of that by streamlining the editing experience, by moving to a block-based approach to content.

     Out with the old


    In with the new


Whats a block-based approach you ask? Have you ever been doing a blog post using the classic editor and you want to create 2 columns, but you are not sure how? The new editor will allow you to easily drag a column block onto your post, no HTML needed whatsoever! It will also allow you to see what your post looks like in real-time, instead of having to preview or update and look at the post on your website.

Producing creative content for your website will now not require you to know any coding, and even if you are a HTML/CSS veteran, it will make the process way quicker if you want to bang in a few columns on a post!

What other major changes are there?

WordPress are known notoriously for their incremental updates, 5.0 is changing this. In the past, usually you could bet on their being 2 major releases per year, with small updates to hot fix issues people are experiencing in between. This model has resulted in updates that are released with major issues or lacking much content in the update. They are moving away from this with the release of 5.0, meaning every update that is released will be fully fleshed out before release, instead of them trying to stick to their deadlines.

One of the biggest platforms on the internet is making some major changes, it will change the way you create content, the way developers create themes and is making WordPress more accessible. We can’t wait to jump into 5.0 and start creating content with Gutenberg.

Will you be making the switch? Or will you still be using the trusty classic editor to create your content?


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